Better ABS Plastic


One of the World’s largest chemical companies had a long-standing quality problem with their ABS plastic that had plagued them for decades. Even the Chairman of the Board knew about it but even after thirty years and several million Euros spent, all they had to show for it was a ton of reports, but no solution.


I decided to find out as much as I could from the people there and from the reports showing the problem and what had not worked. With a firm grasp of the problem I developed five new concepts to try. Even though there was no active project or funding because they had given up, I felt the new concepts had a chance.


The first concept worked right away. The people there were shocked. Several patents resulted on the process and the new additive I used to solve the problem. Then the solution was scaled-up and shown to work perfectly in full-scale production in the factory without any modifications or investments. Finally, their product weakness was eliminated and there were other advantages such as better color and humidity resistance. The technology for improved quality ABS plastic lead to multiple world-wide patents.

WO 2007/113297 Method for Coagulating Aqueous Polymer Dispersions
Chris De Armitt, Graham Edmund McKee, Konrad Mitulla

WO 2007/118788 Continuous Process for Performing a Chemical Reaction in which a Gaseous Phase is added to a Charge Stream Comprising one or more Solid Phases which have been Dissolved or Dispersed in Water
Wolfgang Fischer, Rainer Bardon, Chris DeArmitt

WO 2007/118796 Continuous Process for Performing a Reaction
Chris De Armitt


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