Advanced Filled Plastics

If you have already taken the foundation course or if you are already familiar with filled plastics then this seminar is for you. You will get a quick refresher on the basics such as influence of fillers on properties and then we will delve deeper into the topic. An hour spent on this seminar will save you a huge amount of time and effort so you can do your job better.

•  Refresher on the basics, i.e. what affects modulus, yield strength, HDT & impact resistance

•  Learn how fillers interact with other additives such as antioxidants and impact modifiers

•  An easy screening test that allows you to find the best dispersant for your filler or pigment

•  Tips on how to predict mechanical properties to save time and money

•  How weld lines and orientation affect properties

•  Information on additives and unusual fillers

•  Introduction to nanocomposites and how they stack up to traditional filled plastics

•  The importance of the interphase

•  Much more (thermal and electrical conductivity, permeability, transcrystallinity, etc.)

Benefits of the Seminar

•  Design better materials

•  Save time and money

•  Predict and avoid problems

•  Work to the strengths of your materials and avoid the pitfalls

Who Should Attend?

This web seminar has proven useful to people from different fields from R&D, through marketing, management and sales. People working for polymer and filler manufacturers can benefit, as can compounders, formulators and students.

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