Introduction to Filled Plastics

Filled plastics are important materials but it can be a confusing area at first. It took me several years, many books and lots of articles before I understood the basics. I suffered through that, but you don’t have to. Get all the information you need to understand filled plastics in just an hour.

•  Learn all you need to know about filled thermoplastics

•  Start with the basics and build on that with the (separate) advanced training seminar

•  Learn about performance (modulus, strength, impact resistance, HDT) and cost

•  Traditional and nanocomposites explained and compared

•  Links to resources and further reading to help you in your work

Benefits of the Seminar

•  Ability to understand the principles of composites formulation and performance

•  Increased confidence in dealing with customers and collaboration partners

•  Improved effectiveness in developing new materials and tuning existing ones

•  Get more out of conferences and books through improved understanding

•  Be able to distinguish between the truth and the marketing hype

Who Should Attend?

This web seminar has proven useful to people from different fields from R&D, through marketing, management and sales. People working for polymer and filler manufacturers can benefit, as can compounders, formulators and students.

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