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Companies like HP, Apple, Exxon, P&G, iRobot and Disney turn to Phantom Plastics for help. Why? Simple! Phantom Plastics® provides world-class solutions, plus we’re faster and cheaper too. If you have a tough problem or need a breakthrough material solution, help is just a phone call away. Call (601) 620 8080 now!

How am I able to create breakthrough materials and solve problems so quickly? That’s a great question. I am a PhD chemist, so I understand materials on a molecular level. That means I can often design new materials without the need for trial and error labwork. Imagine how much time and money that saves you.

I create plastics formulations that outperform in the market. Using 30 years of industry experience I am able to diagnose your problem and take your performance to the next level.

Do you have an issue with thermoplastics like PE, PP, PVC, PET or nylon? Are you looking for the best mineral filler, stabilizer, compatibilizer or processing aid? I create custom recipes for my clients, from the Fortune 100 to the family-owned. Call now!

What kind of help do you need?

•  Problem solving – breakthrough solutions with record speed

•  Innovation – breakthrough products and materials give you an edge

•  Training – learn about plastics quickly and easily

•  Network – to help you find new clients, partners or distributors

•  Strategy – R&D portfolio strategy (private sector and government)

•  Adviser – class action expert witness, due diligence, technical advisory board

Someone suggested that I mention examples so people can get a feel for what I can deliver. While working at BASF’s HQ in Germany, I heard about a serious problem they had struggled with for 30 years. It involved their ABS plastic and they had spent millions trying and failing to solve the problem. My colleagues told me it was hopeless. One day, on my way out of the office to take some holiday, I wrote down 5 ideas for my technicians to try while I was away. I came back from holidays to hear that the first idea had worked. We verified the results, scaled it up and wrote patents to protect it. The managers at BASF were stunned. Many more examples can be found in the dropdown menus at the top of this page and in the New Products Created page.

Problem Solving

The Fortune 100 trust me with their toughest problems & you can too. Describe what your issue is & I’ll tell you whether I can help!


Training hundreds of companies globally since 2003. Contact me for web or on-site training on plastic materials & additives!

Expert Witness

Expert witness in large medical class action suits. Able to explain complex topics to laypeople by using powerful analogies.

Due Diligence

I help customers avoid costly mistakes by checking out technologies before they invest. Get expert input here!

Customers often ask me “how do we get started?”. First, I have to listen to your problem so I can work out whether I can help. I love hearing problems because it gives me a chance to use my creativity and help people at the same time.

If I think I can help you, then I’ll put together a simple offer detailing what the deliverables are and a fixed price so that you know what you are getting. No surprises.

For longer term, or more complex needs, my clients usually choose to engage me by retainer contract. That has several advantages. Having a retainer in place leads to a closer relationship and the more I understand their needs, the better I can help. Also, when I’m very busy, only retainer clients are guaranteed service. Lastly, retainer client receive more favorable rates.

If you have a problem, I’d love to hear it. Emails and messages are answered within 24 hours. Why worry about problems when you could be getting answers instead? At Phantom Plastics you will get fast, professional help to give you an edge.

Get Started Today!

A few of the hundreds of companies I have helped…

“Best consultant on the market. If you need technical, commercial or innovative assistance contact Phantom Plastics immediately!”

Jeremy Austin – INVISTA

“Chris is one of the most technically adept and innovative people that I have met. He is not only an idea machine, but also has the proven ability to turn ideas into products.”

Michael Carr, Co-Founder, Hybrid Plastics Inc.

“Chris is a phenomenal problem solver. I highly recommend him!”

Jon Leist, Carlisle Brake & Friction

“…my personal encyclopedia.”

Dr. Anders Löfgren, AstraZeneca

Some books I have contributed to including Innovation Abyss, a revolutionary look at innovation problems and their solutions. I wrote innovation Abyss to help people make innovation happen. You can find reviews on Amazon.

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Phantom Plastics in the press – Dr. Chris DeArmitt was interviewed by Scott Pelley as an expert witness on CBS 60 Minutes’ story on implanted polypropylene mesh. Two follow-up stories were published online shortly thereafter. Click here to read the Camb Times article.

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