Due Diligence for Plastic Materials


The customer wanted some due diligence for plastic materials in preparation for an investment. They said the technology part was solid and there was no need for me to even look at that. The only remaining question was whether some new technlogy might appear and pose a threat. It seemed as though the decision to invest was already made.

due diligence for plastic materials


Despite the customer assertion that the technology was unquestionable, it seemed prudent to double check anyway, as well as checking for technologies that might compete. Due diligence for plastic materials involves extensive review of published articles and the patent literature.


It was quickly apparent that the investment target company only had patents that were invalid due to prior art and patents that were legally valid, but irrelevant. I warned the investor who then asked for a second opinion from a patent lawyer. The patent lawyer reinforced the same message. The customer was then able to make an informed investment decision.

Do you need plastics due diligence?