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Chris DeArmitt PhD FIMMM FRSC CChem Biography

President Phantom Plastics USA 2009 – present

  • ► #1 rated plastic expert – plastic materials consultant to companies including the Fortune 100
  • ► Solving tough industrial problems and developing revolutionary new materials
  • ► Serial innovator, multiple open innovation solver and author of the book Innovation Abyss
  • ► As seen on CBS 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley
  • ► Expert witness on Marlex polypropylene mesh class action litigation

Manager Polymers & Coatings LKAB Minerals USA          2013 – 2015

► Record breaking double-digit growth in sales (+27%) and profit (+50%)
► Directed global marketing campaign with >10M USD net present value
► Initiated and set up international distribution deal to extend sales reach
► Training colleagues, publishing, award-winning presentations, creating new applications

CTO Applied Minerals USA 2011 – 2013

► Created and commercialized new applications of halloysite nanotubular clay
► Technical marketing, IP and product development
► Co-ordinated consultants, sales people, a distributor and hundreds of prospective clients
► Investor interactions, funding rounds, board meetings         
► Established extensive collection of over 700 peer-reviewed papers, books, chapters and reports on halloysite nanoclay

Chief Scientist Hybrid Plastics USA 2007 – 2009

► Technical marketing of POSS specialty nano additives for plastics, cosmetics and coatings
► Created all new marketing literature, articles and presentations
► Solved a major production problem in first month on the job
► Introduced multi-sourcing of raw materials reducing production cost of main products by 30%
► R&D 100 Award winning new flow aid and dispersant products resulted in record sales

Global Product Development Manager BASF Germany    2003 – 2007

► Marketing and R&D of specialty styrenic plastics Luran S (ASA), Terlux (MABS), Styroflex (SBS), Terblend N (ABS/PA) and high heat ABS
► Solved a major production quality problem for ABS that had confounded BASF for 30 years
► Developed a totally new smart thermoplastic in just eight days from customer request
► Advisor to Renewable Polymers Team, Nano Taskforce, BASF Venture Capital and the IKV

Senior Project Manager Electrolux Frigidaire Sweden & Italy          1999 – 2003

► Managed a pan-European project portfolio with a team of PhD and BSc sub-project managers
► Optimization of calcium carbonate filled PP brought cost reduction >1 million Euros per year
► Topics included easy-clean surfaces, water run-off control, nanocomposites, Lotus Effect, thermochromic devices, scratch resistant surfaces, antioxidants, materials selection and optimization
► Created and maintained a global network of consultants, industry partners and academics

Manager Polymeric Materials Group Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI) Sweden 1995 – 1999

► Directed multinational industrial projects on polymers, composites, dispersants and antioxidants
► Created project concepts and raised funding to support a group of 8 reports
► Developed a breakthrough method for identifying optimal dispersants for inorganic particulate minerals and pigments
► Commercialized a new dispersant for PVC plastisols beating industry leading additives

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