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Chris is considered one of the top plastic materials experts and problem solvers in the World, which is why companies like HP, Apple, Exxon, P&G, Eaton, Total and Disney come to him for help.

A deep understanding of materials, combined with high creativity, allow him to quickly solve even the toughest problems. As one example, he solved a serious production problem that had plagued BASF for 30 years and cost them millions. Chris has also received 6 open innovation cash prizes placing him among the top 0.01% of innovators. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

In 2016 he published the book Innovation Abyss which reveals the true reasons for innovation failure and the proven path to success. In 2018 he was featured on CBS 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley as an expert witness in a class-action lawsuit related to Marlex mesh plastic implants. He helped thousands of women get settlements.

Chris has a multitude of granted patents as well as numerous articles, book chapters, encyclopedia chapters and conference presentations to his name. He is a keynote speaker on plastics and innovation related topics.

If you need a breakthrough solution, some training, or want to know how to make innovation work, contact Chris today!

President – Phantom Plastics – USA          2009 – present

  • ► #1 rated plastic expert – plastic materials consultant to companies including the Fortune 100
  • ► Solving tough industrial problems and developing revolutionary new materials
  • ► Serial innovator, multiple open innovation solver and author of the book Innovation Abyss
  • ► As seen on CBS 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley
  • ► Expert witness on Marlex polypropylene mesh class action litigation

Manager Polymers & Coatings – LKAB Minerals – USA          2013 – 2015

► Record breaking double-digit growth in sales (+27%) and profit (+50%)
► Directed global marketing campaign with >10M USD net present value
► Initiated and set up international distribution deal to extend sales reach
► Training colleagues, publishing, award-winning presentations, creating new applications

CTO – Applied Minerals – USA          2011 – 2013

► Created and commercialized new applications of halloysite nanotubular clay
► Technical marketing, IP and product development
► Co-ordinated consultants, sales people, a distributor and hundreds of prospective clients
► Investor interactions, funding rounds, board meetings

Chief Scientist – Hybrid Plastics – USA        2007 – 2009

► Technical marketing of POSS specialty nano additives for plastics, cosmetics and coatings
► Created all new marketing literature, articles and presentations
► Solved a major production problem in first month on the job
► Introduced multi-sourcing of raw materials reducing production cost of main products by 30%
► R&D 100 Award winning new flow aid and dispersant products resulted in record sales

Global Product Development Manager – BASF – Germany  2003 – 2007

► Marketing and R&D of specialty styrenic plastics Luran S (ASA), Terlux (MABS), Styroflex (SBS), Terblend N (ABS/PA) and high heat ABS
► Solved a major production quality problem for ABS that had confounded BASF for 30 years
► Developed a totally new smart thermoplastic in just eight days from customer request
► Advisor to Renewable Polymers Team, Nano Taskforce, BASF Venture Capital and the IKV

Senior Project Manager – Electrolux Frigidaire – Sweden & Italy          1999 – 2003

► Managed a pan-European project portfolio with a team of PhD and BSc sub-project managers
► Optimization of calcium carbonate filled PP brought cost reduction >1 million Euros per year
► Topics included easy-clean surfaces, water run-off control, nanocomposites, Lotus Effect, thermochromic devices, scratch resistant surfaces, antioxidants, materials selection and optimization
► Created and maintained a global network of consultants, industry partners and academics

Manager Polymeric Materials Group – Institute for Surface Chemistry – Sweden        1995 – 1999

► Directed multinational industrial projects on polymers, composites, dispersants and antioxidants
► Created project concepts and raised funding to support a group of 8 reports
► Developed a breakthrough method for identifying optimal dispersants for inorganic particulate minerals and pigments
► Commercialized a new dispersant for PVC plastisols beating industry leading additives

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