Plastics & Materials Open Innovation


Companies, no matter how large their R&D staff, cannot solve all of the problems they are faced with. Open innovation has grown up to address that shortfall. Companies are able to reach external problem solvers all over the world to increase their chances of success. With 6 open innovation wins so far at Innocentive, I am rated among the top 0.01% of registered innovators.

•  Challenge 5070222 Highly Crystalline Polyethylene Surface with Wettability Properties

•  Challenge 5387183 Sodium-Free Chemical Leavening System

•  Challenge 9376500 Inert Filler for Water Soluble or Dispersible Films

•  Challenge 9542841 Fast Absorbing POP-UP Material

•  Challenge 9933601 New Uses for Spheroidal, Porous 5 Micron Amorphous Silica

•  Challenge 9933543 Corona-Resistant Materials for the Protection of Industrial Products


In each case the application was just 2-4 sides of paper where the solution was described. The one I am most proud of is the invention of sodium free baking soda because it was the most difficult and of the most value to mankind, helping people keep dietary sodium under control. The leavening agent had to cook just like regular baking soda, have acceptable taste, be safe and of course inexpensive. I described the solution and gave details on how to make the new additive on a commercial scale.


After several months of silence, while the many entries were evaluated and tested, I was contacted by Innocentive to say that I had won the $40 000 prize. I was shocked and amazed, proud and happy to have won. One always needs some luck to win but the confidence of this win spurred me on to compete in new innovation challenges.

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