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    Dr. Chris DeArmitt – PhD, FRSC, FIMMM

    World-Class Plastic Materials Consultant & Independent Environmental Expert, Award-Winning Speaker & Author

    Fact & Evidence for a Brighter Future

    Independent Review of the Science

    Dispelling Myths with Solid Data

    Astounding Audiences with New Insights

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    Keynote Experience: “Facts for a Brighter Future”

    In this captivating keynote, Dr. DeArmitt dispels myths we’ve all seen on the internet by presenting solid peer-reviewed scientific evidence. See the facts, dispel fiction and hear how to fix our problems for a brighter future. The only talk to cover materials use, waste, litter, degradation, microplastics, ocean plastic and more!


    Ocean plastic quantities are ~1000x less than claimed and not increasing


    Not a significant threat to turtles, whales or birds


    Microplastics make up 0.001% of dust we ingest and are as safe as clay or cellulose


    BPA, PFOA/PFAS “forever chemicals”, NIAS, phthalates, stabilizers, migration and more!

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    Plastic Materials Environmental Expert

    The true environmental consequences of plastics and advocating for sustainable solutions.

    Trusted by Global Brands

    Companies like HP, P&G, and Apple rely on our expertise to tackle their toughest plastic-related challenges.

    Plastic Materials Expert

    Breakthrough plastic materials and solving complex challenges for Fortune 100 companies.

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    “I have read Chris’ work thoroughly, it is a fantastic source of data and information to reference. It is written in a very direct style, stating the facts and science behind materials (comparing to plastic application) and highlights key points to consider when making material choices. The book manages to dispel myths about plastic and explain in an easy to understand way, clearly portraying the information. As a Packaging Technologist, the information is great for consideration against other factors when choosing the right material for the application.”

    Dan Coppins – Packaging Technologist & Quality Manager

    “Chris is a passionate, no-nonense and motivating speaker. Not afraid to stick his head above the parapet and challenge established mantras with incisive, fact-based evidence, Chris naturally engages audiences and interviewers alike. Never short of a witty quip, Chris opens people’s eyes and dares them to think differently…”

    Tony Harrison

    “Chris DeArmitt is the leading voice for todays febrile discussion about our use of plastics in society. When all around us is a sea of misinformation on plastics, Chris will explain, in his engaging style and the most straightforward of terms, the real facts and science behind this topic of our age.
    Chris knows his brief like ……”

    Fergus Hardie

    “Chris is a passionate and experienced author/speaker on plastics materials, with a determination to provide solid evidence for all of his findings. He is extremely personable and has an ability to get truly inside the topic he is working on, debunking myths through sound science. He is engaging and knowledgeable.”