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Plastic Materials Expert Witness

Fake or Fact


Prominent lawyers come to Phantom Plastics when they need a plastic materials expert witness. The topics vary widely from Marlex medical mesh to landfill CERCLA issues and polyacetal plastic pipe failures (polyacetal is also known as Delrin or POM).

In each case, they want a honest opinion from Dr. Chris DeArmitt FIMMM, FRSC, CChem – a seasoned plastic materials scientist. He does not make a living from expert witness work and many lawyers appreciate that, because career expert witnesses can lack credibility.

Dr. DeArmitt only accepts class action lawsuits and even then, only when the scientific evidence strongly supports the side seeking assistance.


The first step is usually to review evidence and give an preliminary opinion. That can usually be completed rapidly, within a day or two.

The next phase is to uncover all of the available information, which often means hundreds or thousands of scientific studies and other pertinent documents. Lawyers are astounded at the amount of evidence I uncover and how much I read. Working alone, I have uncovered much stronger evidence than teams of scientists working at high profile establishments.

Vitally, all evidence is considered because a truly valid opinion depends on knowing all of the available facts and only then coming to conclusions. In my experience, some “experts” fail to properly consider both sides.

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Usually, the next step is to write an expert opinion report.

Decades of international experience spanning several industries leads to better understanding and insights not available to academics and other less experienced scientists. New and better strategies are the result.

Furthermore, decades of teaching enables Dr. DeArmitt to explain complex topics in layperson’s terms, which is appreciated by the lawyers but more importantly, it allows the judge and jury to easily grasp the salient points. A simple analogy often helps to convey the message.

By presenting overwhelming evidence we were able to achieve a positive outcome helping thousands of people to get settlements, for example from Bard and Boston Scientific. Other cases also settled. In one instance, a single short presentation led to immediate settlement.

If you are a lawyer looking for a plastic materials expert witness, then please call for an exploratory chat. I can also supply reports with examples of my work including rebuttal reports that neutralize opposing experts reports by:

      • Showing more and stronger evidence
      • By showing inconsistencies in their “logic”
      • By finding examples where the expert has said the exact opposite, thus undermining their credibility
      • Showing that opposing experts evidence is invalid, or, in some cases, fabricated

The Marlex mesh expert witness work led to appearances on CBS 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley, the BBC and Sky News. Later plastic expert witness class-action work on CERCLA landfill, polyacetal plumbing pipes and medical implants followed.

Dr. Chris DeArmitt FIMMM, FRSC, CChem is one of the most highly qualified and experienced plastic materials experts in the world. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist.

His career spans over three decades including work for a plastics manufacturer, plastics additives suppliers, mineral fillers for plastics, antioxidants / stabilization of plastics and more. An extensive list of Presentations, Publications & Patents can be seen here.

A detailed list of skills, accomplishments and endorsements can be found on LinkedIn.

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