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A few of the hundreds of companies I have helped

“Chris embodies the perfect balance of innovation and pragmatism. I have had the good fortune to work with Chris for two years, and have been continually amazed at his innate ability to see right to the heart of challenging problems. He consistently delivers timely, high value, and truly creative solutions, which is what sets him far ahead in his field. If ever given the opportunity, I would hire Chris in a heartbeat!”

Jeremy Austin, INVISTA, USA

“…my personal encyclopedia.”

Dr. Anders Löfgren, AstraZeneca, Stockholm, Sweden

“Chris DeArmitt and his consultancy, Phantom Plastics, are peerless. My company, Tactus Technology, has retained Phantom Plastics for several years, and over that time Chris has consistently and repeatedly found solutions to difficult technical challenges related to all manner of polymer and plastics materials. Often his results are produced within a few days (sometimes even within hours). When asked for advice, his suggestions are grounded in the real world and focus on practical and usually simple-to-test approaches. Dr. DeArmitt’s ideas are novel, and at Tactus we have been able to use them as part of our patent portfolio. He is also a true pleasure to work with, upbeat, focused, enthusiastic, with clarity of thought and a strong network that he is able to draw upon.

This is a glowing testimonial because Chris DeArmitt is that rare find — an amazing resource, both broad and deep, that finds solutions you can use; a kind and kind-hearted person with strong values; and someone you should absolutely hire.”

Micah Yairi, Co-Founder and CTO, Tactus Technology

“Chris’ unique background allows him to take abstract chemical and mechanical concepts and boil them down their key practical implications at every step of the supply chain. If you are looking for a credible resource to fast track your way through the learning curve of polymer property modification, this is it…”

Normand Miron, Business Development Manager, Milliken

“Chris approached our development programs with a tenacity and drive which only allowed for success. He never settled for the status quo and raised the expectation level of everyone involved.”

Anonymous customer, Arizona, USA

“Chris is a phenomenal problem solver. I highly recommend him!”

Jon Leist, Carlisle Brake & Friction, USA

“Without hesitation, I would classify Chris as a foremost expert in true innovation and problem solving. His ability to take abstract concepts and boil them down into a format that everyone can understand and apply directly to their bottom lines is unparalleled. If I could, I would hire Chris and keep his infinite wisdom to myself! But alas…”

Jeremy Austin – Business Development Manager Cray Valley, USA

“Chris is one of the most technically adept and innovative people that I have met. He is not only an ideal machine but also has the proven ability to turn ideas into products. He has a multidisciplinary understanding of markets and is able to drive product development. With his years of international experience, it seems as if he knows everyone in the business. He is a very outgoing and fun person who always has a great rapport with colleagues and customers. I gained a lot from working with him.”

Michael Carr, Co-Founder and Director, Hybrid Plastics Inc., USA

“It is extremely rare today to find a person with such a skill set to listen critically and provide detailed solutions to problems as Dr.Chris DeArmitt. Every time I find a seminar or article written by Dr. DeArmitt I know it’s a critical and balanced review on the subject and I will profit from the information and know that it can be reproduced in kind. A rare combination indeed.”

Joe Webster Stabilization Technologies LLC, USA

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Chris for several different projects. In the last one, I hired him to consult on a new product we were developing. He’s a tremendous technical resource who is mindful of both timelines and bottom lines. Chris shaved months off our development curve and gave us a commercially viable product in half the time we had estimated.”

Ray Anderson, Semiconductor Business Development Manager, Boedeker Plastics, USA

“Chris was very popular with our customers due to his outstanding skill in finding clever solutions to difficult problems. He was also highly praised as a team manager, always able to get the most out of every individual on the team.”

Oskar Widerberg, Institute for Surface Chemistry (YKI), Sweden

“Chris is an engaging speaker who also has the ability to deliver insightful technical value in his presentations that attendees can bring back to the job. He has the ability to distill his vast technical knowledge of plastics and surface chemistry into practical solutions for real problems.”

Scott Stephenson – Formerly Vice President at IntertechPira, currently Conference Director at CompositesWorld, USA

“I have worked with Dr. DeArmitt on a number of projects over the last few years and I have found him to be very skilled in a multi-disciplinary area and very creative in his thinking. He is also extremely enthusiastic and hard-working.”

Professor Roger Rothon, Rothon Consultants, UK

“He is eminently qualified to train your people who select or specify or formulate plastics as to what is available and how it might be used to good effect.”

Pat Primmer – Managing Director at Beba P/L Australia

“His expert knowledge in Polymer Composites merits particular mention. Dr DeArmitt unfailingly delivered highly qualified results even when confronted with difficult tasks, complex problems and tight deadlines, and he invariably employed his entrepreneurial talent to the benefit of the company.”

Human Resources, BASF, Germany

“I have stood in many airport security lines in order to attend plastics and fillers seminars chaired and/or delivered by Chris DeArmitt. He is a gifted speaker with an impressive industry I.Q. I just wish he had thought about on-line training five years earlier.”

Bob Vasily President – Canadian Wollastonite, Canada

“He is a brilliant researcher and effective project manager; during the time he worked with me he showed good interaction with colleagues as well as a remarkable ability in creating new contacts and expanding existing ones.”

Fabio Spizzo, Electrolux, Italy

“I have attended several of Chris’s seminars and conference presentations and have found him to have excellent insight into problems that plague filled polymers. He has ingenious and pragmatic methods of solving such problems which use real-world techniques that are well within reach of a company’s R&D budget. He is also a most articulate and entertaining speaker and am sure that even someone who is new to the subject will be quickly engaged by his delivery.”

Chris M. Liauw – Senior Research Fellow Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

“Chris is a very creative and open-minded person. He likes to play with ideas and he never loses his grip on reality. I really enjoyed my time with him at BASF and the long discussions about all sorts of scientific topics. Chris has broad background knowledge in structural polymers and its modifications and he can apply it very interdisciplinarily.”

Dr. Phillip Hannefeld, BASF, Germany

“I found Chris to be an extremely enthusiastic worker. It was a pleasure to work with him and I strongly recommend him to you…”

Gunnar Tornmalm VP R&D, Electrolux, Sweden