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Weatherable UV Resistant Solar Panel Plastic


A solar panel manufacturer was looking for the ideal material for their solar panel frames and bases. They wanted to be certain that the material would survive the brutal conditions outdoors from -20°C to +40°C while being attacked by the ultraviolet rays from sunlight. The super durable solar panel plastic would have to withstand decades without discoloration or mechanical failure.


The main problem was that the client could not spend decades testing the plastic material to be sure that it survived the outdoor conditions. That approach is not commercially viable because it then takes decades to launch a product. The other common approach is to rely to accelerated ageing data from a Xenotest or Weather-Ometer. The drawback there is that such tests are not always accurate, so the client could was not sure enough to risk their reputation as well as potential legal repercussions for premature failure of their product. They needed a material already proven to have sufficient durability under the required exposure conditions.

Solar Panels


Due to my deep experience and knowledge of plastic materials, I was able to identify the only material that was able to survive under the stated conditions. The client was provided with accelerated ageing data but crucially, Phantom was also able to locate exclusive, non-accelerated, testing data proving that the material lasted for decades outdoors under real-world climate conditions.

Using my extensive contact network, I helped the client get a sample of the exact grade of durable solar panel plastic needed to meet their specifications first try, thus saving months of R&D and substantial cost. The rapid identification of the ideal material also accelerated time to market which was essential in this rapidly growing sector.

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