Materials Consultant

Customers come to us for materials consultant services outside of the plastics space. I was a little surprised at first, but over the years we have been able to help with many different types of problem. As a PhD chemist I have a deep understanding of structure – property relationships. So, for example, if you need a liquid with a very high refractive index, then I know what to look for and what databases to search. Then, I can check other properties like toxicity, flammability, price and availability. We can obtain samples on your behalf, to obscure your identity and then find suppliers when you move to scale-up and production. Typically, we can find you the right chemical in one to four weeks, depending on how strict your set of requirements is. Sometimes it’s even possible to offer a same-day solution.

Some examples of how Phantom Plastics’ materials consultant services have helped customers:

•  Identification of specialty liquids with a comprehensive set of requirements (physical, chemical, optical, electrical etc.)

•  Creating new smart materials a thermoplastic that changes transparency when heated / cooled etc. and more…

•  Coatings related issues including adhesion, scratch-resistance, Lotus-Effect and more

•  Finding new applications for existing materials, e.g. taking materials from one industry and using them in another

•  Locating specialty materials for applications in cosmetics, packaging, medical and other fields


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