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Ultra-Sensitive Oxygen Detector


An equipment company contacted Phantom for ideas. They were a market leader for oxygen detection equipment and wanted to find a new technology to keep their edge. All of the manufacturers used similar methods and thought in similar ways, so they wanted to key fresh ideas from an industry outsider. Their need combined with Phantom’s expertise paved the way for a new super sensitive oxygen detector technology.


I looked at the current electrochemical and other methods to see what the state-of-the-art was in terms of the detection technologies and sensitivity of each method. Part of having a breakthrough is to understand the pros and cons of the current options.

Known methods include:

      • Electrochemical
      • Zirconia
      • Optical fluorescence
      • Ultrasonic
      • Paramagnetic


Within one week, I had found a new way to detect oxygen. I presented it to the customer to get their reaction. They were incredulous that I could find something so novel in such a short amount of time. The new technology was incredibly sensitive and a step beyond the older methods.

Oxygen Cartoon O2

The company were excited to get to work, so I provided the specifics of how to proceed and even found them a development partner to make a prototype and work towards a new generation of oxygen detection devices. By finding the right partner, they could easily test and validate the method without having to purchase any equipment.

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