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Phantom creates custom materials and solutions for a wide range of clients. When it comes time to create the material, I am often asked who I would recommend as a supplier for plastics and plastics additives.

Here are a couple of companies that have really impressed me…

Hardie Polymers

Clients often ask me where to source the different plastic raw materials they need. The best company I am aware of is Hardie Polymers based in the UK, and there are several reasons for that recommendation. Firstly, Hardie offer a complete range of engineering polymers and being independent means they are not restricted in the grades they can offer. Secondly, they have great expertise and staff with decades of experience to help guide you to the optimal solution. Then they can source the exact brand and grade you need, even for materials that are difficult to source. Most of all Hardie Polymers take pride in what they do, clearly borne out by the many testimonials received from their delighted customers.


Kish Company

When it comes to functional fillers, Kish Company has a vast assortment to meet customer’s needs. They have staff that care and build relationships that last decades. Not only do Kish distribute minerals to leading companies, but they also have their own independent production facilities for milling, sieving, surface treatments and much more.

Mineral solutions include carbonates, talcs, muscovite and phlogopite mica, clays, barium sulfate, dolomite, precipitated silica, graphite, gypsum, titanium dixiide, expandable polymeric spheres and specialty pearlescent pigments.

Whatever your minerals needs, Kish Company and subsidiaries Arctic Minerals and SphereOne should be your first call.
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