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Easy-Snap Plastic Blister Film


Normally, plastic blister packs and other plastic films designed to snap are made from brittle plastics like polystyrene or unplasticized PVC. In this instance however, the client wanted to use a better, greener plastics but the new plastic was so strong that it would not snap. Physically scoring the film did enable the snap effect but scoring with a blade meant investment in new equipment and added running costs such as blade replacement. The challenge was to make the film easier to break without resorting to new investments. Prior to calling us, the company had used the old “trial and error” approach. Significant money had been spent on failed experiments where random additives had been tested in the hope of getting lucky. When that didn’t work, they contacted Phantom to formulate an easy-snap plastic film made from this better, greener plastic.

Easy-snap plastic film blister pack


Because of a deep understanding of plastic structure-property relationships, Phantom was immediately, meaning the very same day, able to suggest an additive that was inexpensive, safe for food contact, readily available and that would be invisible in the plastic film. It was also vital that the additive was not detrimental to the recyclability of the product. Phantom located a suitable supplier and grade whereupon a sample was ordered for evaluation.


We tested the additive at three different concentrations and were able to make the film snap as desired without the need to score it. We then dialed in the exact amount of “snap” required and the client were delighted to have an easy-snap plastic film solution which allowed them to market a new unique product made with the greener material.

I am always happy to solve tough problems for clients so that they can market better, greener products. Sometimes I wish that they would come to me earlier, so that they can avoid months of wasted time and also tens of thousands of dollars wasted on trial and error. Many case studies of problems solved can be found in the dropdown menu on the homepage. Even if you don’t see your exact problem listed there, give Phantom a call anyway and I’ll tell you whether I can help.

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