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Cosmetic Smart Material


One of the leading cosmetic companies had been looking for a special expandable cosmetic smart material for years but could not find one that would operate under the conditions needed. They wanted a material that would react in a certain way when exposed to hot air from a hair drier. All of the materials known on the market only reacted to higher temperatures than are obtained using a hair drier. They searched and searched without success and finally came to Phantom in desperation.


Through my global network, I knew of a Fortune 100 company that had produced samples of that exact material but had never commercialized it. There was just one person there who knew of the material’s existence and had access to samples of it. Sometimes, being in an industry for decades means specialized knowledge that gives new opportunities, even if they take years to eventuate.


We signed a mutual NDA and then I put the two companies in contact. They were able to finally receive and test the cosmetic smart material they had wanted for so long. Sometimes it is not only what you know but who you know!

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