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Specialty Fluids


The client, a Fortune 500 ranked company was looking for a specialty fluid with an extremely demanding property set. Requirements included volatility, viscosity, toxicity and most of all extremely low solubility of certain gasses in the fluid.


The customer provided a list of required properties and an extensive list of fluids that they had already found and had put under consideration. It became apparent that the company had done an amazing job of finding even the most promising and exotic fluids by themselves, making it a challenge to identify speciality fluids that could perform even better.


After extensive literature research and by understanding the forces at play, we found a class of material that was predicted to perform far better than any other but more proof was needed to be sure. There was an obscure reference to an old, out of the print book from the 1950s that reportedly contained the data we needed. A used copy of the book was found and ordered. It was the crucial information we need to prove that the specialty fluid was the perfect choice.

Specialty Fluid - blue rippled shining sphere

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