PVC Warping in Sunlight


A major wire and cable company emailed me with a problem. They were working on a polyolefin-based FR cable formulation that contained magnesium hydroxide (MDH) plus a nano-clay. After extrusion they noticed that the nanoclay gave a green tinge to the product. They had tried adding more process stabilizer but the color would not go away.


The company was not a client but the question came from a friend, so I suggested an additive he should try. It was one I’d used before to prevent discoloration in plastics due to nanoclay.


The next morning I was delighted to receive an email saying that the discoloration was completely prevented using the additive I had recommended. They were so happy with the solution that they offered to send me a thank you payment for the advice. I really enjoy helping people and putting the money towards my family’s future.

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