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About Phantom Plastics

I’m Chris and I started Phantom Plastics® because I have a passion for helping people solve problems. Some of the biggest companies turn to me for help, but I usually get the most satisfaction from working with smaller companies. Why? Because smaller companies are fast and when we find a solution together, it makes a difference. Did you know that I’m actually embarrassed to have a PhD! Why? Because most PhD people can’t solve real world problems. Instead they talk nonsense technobabble. So, stop worrying about your problems and lay them on me instead.

It can be hard to picture exactly what someone can do for you, so I’ve provided some actual examples in the various drop-down menus including a number of Case Studies. Whether you need a breakthrough new material, some quick problem solving help, or a training session, this is the right place. It’s very easy to get started, just give me a call and tell me where the pain is. I’ll be able to let you know whether I can help, and I won’t take a job unless I think I can. People come back again and again because they say I’m faster, cheaper and easy to work with.

Phantom Plastics is a one man company which is a good thing for you. It means you will be getting my personal attention. It also means I’m able to be fast and flexible. I intentionally refuse to grow or hire anyone. Nor do I have office space to pay for, or a lab to support, so I can keep prices down. The income from Phantom is what I use to support my family, so your business matters to me.

Voted number one plastics expert in 3 global professional internet forums with ~ 15 000 members*

Award-winning materials innovator with multiple prizes totaling over $50 000

Experienced consultant appreciated for listening and then explaining the answers in simple language

Flexibility to work on everything from quick fixes to multi-year retainer contract jobs

Trusted consultant to some of the world’s premier companies

PhD, Chartered Chemist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Fellow of the Institute for Materials, Minerals & Mining

* where I have posted free advice since 2005 – Voted MVP and ranked first in the Polymer Engineering, Plastics Resin Engineering and Plastics Engineering forums

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