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Impact Modification of Plastics

Impact modification of plastics is big business. Learn the different techniques available, the pros and cons, and how they work. Plastics are an irreplaceable part of today’s way of living. There are many different plastics because each has its own unique balance of properties that make it particularly suited to certain applications. In theory, it would be possible to make a new plastic for each application, but in reality, that would be far too expensive and difficult. Instead, the preferred method is to use additives which, when blended into an existing product, allow the skilled formulator to tune the properties in the desired direction. Thus, an analysis of a plastic will often reveal many additives such as fillers, pigments, antistatics, antimicrobials and many more. One of the most important classes of additives is the impact modifiers. There are a wide range of products that enable effective impact modification with little sacrifice in other key properties such as modulus (stiffness) and strength. This seminar will describe the many different ways to improve the impact resistance of plastics and give you a good introduction to this billion dollar industry.

      • Learn about different impact modification techniques
      • Discover the pros and cons of each method and impact modification strategy
      • Understand how impact modifiers interact with other additives like fillers and pigments
      • See how impact modifiers affect transparency and colourability
      • Hear about a new smart material that changes opacity

Using plastics is all about finding the right balance of properties and at the right price. When using additives to improve impact resistance, one must be aware of the changes that occur in other properties and how to maximize the benefits while minimizing the negatives.

Benefits of the Seminar

      • Learn the pros and cons to different approached to impact modification
      • Learn how fillers can improve impact while improving tensile properties and reducing cost
      • Exclusive information on how rubber impact modifiers and fillers interact
      • Understand what impact tests to use and why
      • Make better materials by understanding your options
Impact Modification of Plastics

Who Should Attend?

Compounders, resin producers, impact modifier manufacturers and anyone else who needs to know how these important modifiers can be used to best effect.

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