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Dispersants and Coupling Agents

The key to good composites and nanocomposites especially, lies in getting proper dispersion and in tuning the level of adhesion between the polymer and the filler. Dispersants and coupling agents are the additives used to achieve those tasks. These additives operate at the filler surface at the interface between the particles and the surrounding polymer matrix. Because they are only needed at the surface, a little additive can have a huge effect. For example, improving polymer flow (for improved productivity), raising impact resistance, yield strength and elongation to break and also affecting aesthetics such as gloss. This course will cover both dispersants and coupling agents, how they operate and how to optimize them.

      • Dispersant action and property improvements (mechanical and aesthetic)
      • A proven screening method that allows you to find the right dispersant type and amount quickly and cheaply
      • A case study showing how a real formulation was improved in terms of cost and performance
      • Learn how coupling agents work and how you can tell if one is working
      • See how interactions between additives can create problems and how to avoid them

If you are interested in this area then this is the perfect opportunity to discover more. All dispersants and coupling agents including stearates, silanes, titanates, maleated polymers and more exotic dispersants based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes will be covered.

Benefits of the Seminar

      • Design better materials
      • Save time and money
      • Predict and avoid problems
      • Work to the strengths of your materials and avoid the pitfalls

Who Should Attend?

If you are a formulator, or if you work for a mineral filler producer and want to be able to present your materials in the best way, then this will provide all the information you need. If your company manufactures and sells dispersants or coupling agents then this is even more relevant for you.

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