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If you need help with plastic materials then you’re in the right place. Do you have an issue with thermoplastics like PE, PP, PVC, PET or nylon? Are you looking for the right mineral filler, stabilizer, compatibilizer or processing aid? If you have a problem with plastics materials then help is just a call away. Fortune 100 companies and smaller companies alike turn to Phantom Plastics for help. Why? Simple! Phantom Plastics provides better solutions, plus we’re faster and cheaper too. Chris DeArmitt has been voted #1 plastics expert because he gives fast answers in plain English.

What kind of help do you need?

•  Problem solving – formulation help, analysis, reverse engineering

•  Innovation – breakthrough products and materials give you an edge

•  Training – learn about plastics quickly and easily

•  Network – to help you find new clients, partners or distributors

•  Strategy – R&D portfolio strategy (private sector and government)

•  Adviser – due diligence, technical advisory board

First I make sure to understand your needs, then work to find a solution and explain it in plain language. Other plastics consultants want to sell you large projects with lots of experimental work, which is nice for them, but means slow and expensive answers for you. Instead I use experience and deep understanding to give you faster, better answers often the same week, or even the same day.

Customers often ask me “how do we get started?”. I am flexible, but here is how it typically goes.

First, I have to listen to your problem so I can work out whether I can help. I love hearing problems because it gives me a chance to use my creativity and help people at the same time. If I think I can help you, then I’ll put together a simple offer detailing what the deliverables are and a fixed price so that you know what you are getting. No surprises. I have heard terrible stories of other plastics consultants charging exorbitant amounts and not delivering what you wanted. That’s not how I work.

I don’t own a lab or processing equipment so I’m not inclined to recommend such work unless it’s absolutely essential to solving your problem. When such work is needed, I work with trusted partners who offer top quality work at excellent prices. Clients are shocked to see how quickly and inexpensively I can generate a series of compounds with full mechanical data.

As well as quick problem solving, I also work under retainer contract for companies who have longer term or more complex needs. That allows a deeper involvement and understanding which in turn leads to breakthrough products or market expansion of existing plastic products. It has also led to many lasting friendships.

If you have a problem I’d love to hear it. Can I help you? I don’t know yet and neither of us will find out until you send me an email, or call if you prefer. Emails and messages are answered within 24 hours so we can get started right away. Why worry about problems when you could be getting answers instead? At Phantom Plastics you will get fast, professional help to give you an edge.

Dr. Chris DeArmitt FRSC

Dr. Chris DeArmitt FRSC

“Best consultant on the market. If you need technical, commercial or innovative assistance contact Phantom Plastics immediately!”

Jeremy Austin – INVISTA

Chris is one of the most technically adept and innovative people that I have met. He is not only an idea machine, but also has the proven ability to turn ideas into products.

Michael Carr, Co-Founder, Hybrid Plastics Inc.

“Chris is a phenomenal problem solver. I highly recommend him!”

Jon Leist, Carlisle Brake & Friction

“…my personal encyclopedia.”

Dr. Anders Löfgren, AstraZeneca

“He is eminently qualified to train your people who select or specify or formulate plastics as to what is available and how it might be used to good effect.”

Pat Primmer – Managing Director at Beba P/L Australia

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Innovation Abyss

This new book is the culmination of 30 years of experience, 5 years of notes and 6 months of writing. You’ve tried reading books and articles but they don’t help. Why? Because the books are by business school professors and other pretenders who have never done any innovation. They don’t know the real barriers that you and I face every day. That’s why innovation success rate has not improved in the last 40 years. I set out to write about the real problems and how they can be addressed. I took notes for years and then started writing, after a gentle nudge from my wife. As I started to write down my experiences and views, I went looking to see if there was any hard evidence to support them. I was shocked by what I found. It turns out that the answers are already out there with hard data to support them.

Here’s a hint about what you will learn.

  •  Hear why the tools you use now are your enemy
  •  Learn how your company kills innovation from within
  •  See why the best ideas come from outside your organization
  •  Discover proven methods for cheaper and ultra effective innovation

Most importantly you will discover how you can get dramatically better return on your R&D spending. You can even halve you costs and still get better results. It sounds too good to be true but you will see that these claims are proven fact. This book is the missing piece of the puzzle. You will hear the real problems holding you back and the get answers directly from a serial innovator. There is a chapter for aspiring innovators, advice for managers, CEOs and board members. This book has something for all parties involved in the process.

Praise for Innovation Abyss

“This book is an essential reference for anyone interested in how Innovation really happens. It explains the balanced role of free- and out-of-the-box thinkers, creative mavericks and visionary leaders who lead their people instead of managing them. You will find loads of great examples, thought provoking ideas and the book is full of helpful insights.”

Rob Kirschbaum CEO, SakuragiConsult & former VP Innovation at DSM

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